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10 Best Emoji Apps to Express Your Feelings

Emojis play a vital role in text-based communication nowadays. Emoji apps are easy to use and can be used by people of all age groups. If you are searching for ways to grow your emoji collection, you can use the apps mentioned ahead in this post.

We are here with some of the top-rated free emoji apps for your smartphone. These apps not only have a huge database to offer but they also offer unique features and interactive UI. Once you start using these apps, you will enjoy their emoji collection for sure. Without wasting any more time, read on to get a description of the best emoji apps you can use.

Best Emoji Apps

If you’re looking for the best emojis for Android that can be used for chatting and other uses, your search stops here. This post will further take you through some of the best emoji apps that can be used to express what you feel:

1. Bitmoji

People who are regular users of Snapchat are familiar with Bitmoji. The app develops a sequence of customized emojis based on your appearance. These customized emojis are available to use on Snapchat, but it is a good way of expressing yourself via emojis. Also, if you use this app on Snapchat, you will be able to unlock Friendmoji where you along with a friend can create many emojis altogether. You can use this app for free and for making purchases too.

Bitmoji app

You can now insert Bitmoji directly into Gmail. Just click on the emoji and resize them. Copy them and paste them anywhere. If you don’t already have a Bitmoji account, you can download the mobile application from the official website and create your avatar.

Download from Play Store

2. Emoticon Pack

Emoticon Pack is an easy-to-use application, but you can use it to do some interesting stuff. The app has the usual collection of emojis that can be found on other apps. This one has a lot of things to offer. The best extras are the goofy emoticons which are text-based and are used all the time by people. Just click on them and they will be copied to the clipboard.

Emoticon app

You can then post it anywhere you want. The collection of Emoticon Pack app is vast for emoji and you can find whatever you want. The best thing about this app is that it is free to use and you don’t have to pay even a single penny to use it. It has a very good user interface that allows users to use this app easily.

Download from Play Store

3. Kaomoji

Kaomoji is more like an emoticon app and not an emoji app. However, it is appropriate to be mentioned here in this list. It has a huge collection of emoticons that are visible online. You can find the one you want very easily.

Kaomoji app

Kaomoji is an emoticon app and not an emoji app. However, we thought it would be apropos for a list like this. It has a large database of emoticons, many of which you’ve probably seen online. Simply find the one you want, copy it to your clipboard, and paste it wherever you want. Most of these should work in most apps and social networks. The various emoticons are categorized for easy browsing as well. The ads in the free version are a bit annoying, but otherwise, Kaomoji works well.

Download from Play Store

4. Big Emoji

Big Emoji is exactly what you find with some of the top-rated emoji apps. It has more than 5,000 emojis for immediate use in most apps. The app in itself is not just an emoji keyboard. Instead, you will find the emoji in form of images, like stickers. It has all standard emojis and some customized ones which can be found only on this app.

Big Emoji app

You will also find a separate sticker pack dedicated to WhatsApp users. But, to access this feature you must use the premium version of this app. You may not find it very convenient as an emoji app but it is the best way to increase what you’re accessing already. You can find a wide range of stickers and emojis on this app.

Download from Play Store

5. Facemoji

Facemoji Emoji is another emoji app for Android. It offers more than 3500 GIFs, emoticons, and stickers. This allows you to make the chat more interesting. With this app, you can share numerous unique stickers and GIFs with your family and friends. For those who want to experience Animojis on their android smartphone, this app is the best to use.

Facemoji Emoji app

This app allows you to customize your emoji keyboard and make changes like fonts and color. You can also change the wallpaper of the keyboard. It has several emoji combos which let you input the smiley with special emoticon combos for particular sentences. Users can also adjust the keyboard format from options like AZERTY, QWERTY, and QWERTZ options. You can also buy different sticker packs anytime you want.

Download from Play Store

6. Emojidom

You can now get more than 4000 free emojis for any social media platform or messaging app. Emojidom helps you in making each conversation more interesting and fun. There are so many cute emojis available on this app.  All the stickers, as well as text emoji, are unique can you can’t find them on any other app.

Emojidom app

Emojidom offers free coins to the users which can be spent on new emoticons pictured in the store. It is very easy for the users to save the emoticons like a contact name. You can also use these emojis in conversations, picture captions, and other text-based content. The entire emoji collection on this app is classified into Manu categories making it easy for users.

Download from Play Store

7. GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard is one of the easiest emoji apps that is available on the Google Play Store. It comes in the form of an emoji keyboard for Android. This app enables users to change any simple text into emoticons and emojis. If you love crisp and interesting images, you must check out this emoji app for Android. You can use these emojis while writing Instagram captions as well. A fast emoji search experience with options to search every emoji by name, category, or platform.

GO Keyboard app

This emoji app provides the users the chance to select the fantasy stickers of Snowman, Shrek, Peanut, etc. You can write in over 100 attractive fonts with simple text or messages. The emoticons and emojis of all apps can be found on this one-stop platform. There are several options by which you can express your feelings to your friends and family. It offers a pack of 809 emojis, stickers, or emoticons.

Download from Play Store

8. Kika Keyboard

Kika Keyboard is a very popular and the best emoji app for Android. The collection of this app continues to grow and become interesting for the users. Apart from emojis and stickers, it also has several funny GIFs to offer. You can get better control over your expressions with the pop-up option of smart stickers. To match your style, there are various kinds of keyboard themes offered on this app. This app is multilingual and supports 150 different languages. The library of this app features more than 3000 emotions and emojis.

Kika Keyboard emoji app

The Kika Keyboard app has many animated emojis and Japanese emoticons which can make chatting more engaging. You can customize the keyboard with your favourite photos as per your choice. Also, it allows you to type very fast with the help of glide typing. The app auto-corrects all your typing mistakes in one go.

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9. Emoji Keyboard

The next app that we have here is Emoji Keyboard which is a famous Android emoji app. This app has built-in emoji prediction as an innovative feature. You’ll also get an emoji dictionary here. This app allows you to send all kinds of emoji messages with funny text and emoji options available.

Emoji Keyboard app

With this app, you can enjoy chatting more than before. One of the most remarkable features of this emoji app is that it lets you add music to the keyboard. You can make it musical with many unique sounds like that of violin, guitar, or piano. It supports more than 60 different languages.

Download from Play Store

10. Fleksy

Fleksy is one of the best emoji apps for Android. It is a standard application with a wide range of emojis and stickers for customization. Fleksy is a good choice for users who love to use emojis in their chat. It offers free themes, exciting features, and unique functions.

Fleksy app

The best part of this app is that it provides a substitute for the emoji when you input words. It doesn’t add a lot of new stuff until you count all the stickers. However, it will help you to get your emoji game stronger than ever. It works well on all Android devices.

Download from Play Store


These are some of the best emoji apps you can use to express your feelings. You can use all these apps for free and all of them are safe to use too. They have a huge database comprising not only emoji but stickers, GIFs, and a lot more. If you’re looking forward to spicing up your chatting game over social media, go ahead and try out these apps without giving them a second thought.

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